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In the first two 90-minute films of the new Sunday evening series "Our Farm in Ireland," the ZDF tells family stories from one of the most beautiful and stunning regions in Europe, the Emerald Isle. Shot on original locations on the coast of southern Ireland, near Cork, the films whisk the viewer away to the enchanting and romantic world of Irish country life. The stories revolve around the moving, turbulent and exciting events in the life of Dr. Martin Winter and his family.

Dr. Martin Winter is a distinguished heart surgeon at Berlin's Charité hospital. A widower since the death of his wife four years ago, he lives with his daughters Marie, Elisabeth and Paula. Youngest daughter Paula suffers the most from the death of her mother. After a serious asthma attack, in which Paula must be taken to the hospital's emergency ward, Martin realizes that he has to do something so that his family can finally come to terms with their loss, and Paula become healthy again. He decides to take up the offer of his in-laws Anne and Peter O'Mally to visit them on their sheep farm in Ballymara, a romantically located little Irish town close to the coast. The German-Irish couple has a splendid property above the cove. Although they have leased the sheep farming to young Erin O'Toole, the O'Mallys continue to live on the farm.
Upon arriving in Ireland, the Winters immediately get to know the Ballymara community at a wedding party. Erin O'Toole, the pretty sheep farmer who once was an architect, is among the guests of the wedding. She is immediately attracted to Dr. Winter, and takes him to the farm of his in-laws, who are impatiently awaiting him and the children.

Although the Winters soon get used to life in the village, the townspeople are rather skeptical of the German visitors at first. But then the local country doctor Lucius McNamara suffers a stroke and has to stop working. Dr. Winter substitutes for him, and is able to convince the people of Ballymara of his medical and human qualities.

Erin makes Dr. Winter more familiar with village life, and the two grow closer over the following weeks. Soon, their friendship turns to love... And since Martin's daughters love life on the farm, the whole Winter family blossoms once again in the grandiose Irish landscape. When Dr. McNamara learns that he will never be able to work as a country doctor again, he offers Dr. Winter his practice. Life as an Irish country doctor? Martin faces a big decision. Whether to pursue his career in Berlin. Whether to make a new beginning in Ballymara. Whether to start a new life in Ireland – and find a new love...