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Jella and her husband, Klaus, have moved to the other side of Germany to be close to their three grown children. Jella longs for the rich family life she once had; the children, however, have other priorities.

Hilke, Momme and Fine all have problems of their own and aren't about to let their mother tell them what to do. Jella has the solution: She needs grandchildren. However, by the time Jella realizes that meddling in her children's lives has serious consequences, there's very little she can do to rectify the situation.
A dispute ensues as her children discover that their mother is behind the strange goings-on in their lives. Even Klaus accuses Jella of having gone too far, causing her to flee her home into a stormy night and seek out the company of Schorsch, a man who really knows how to listen.
A subtle comedy about the challenges of having a good time and redefining relations in the face of retirement and empty-nest syndrome.