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Approximately 160.000 different species of butterflies exist on earth. Even in ancient times people were mesmorized by these graceful insects, some of which were said to be of divine origin. Butterflies and months are deeply rooted in our consciousness, though most of us do not know much more about them than the fact that they flutter about over summer meadows of like humming-birds, fly from blossom drinking nectar with their long sucking tubes. Filmed all over the world, this one hour special documentary offers an extraordinary look into the unseen behaviour butterflies. Especially in the topics, new species are constantly being discovered with new behavioural characteristics; for instance, certain butterfly caterpillars shoot arrow like caustic hairs against potential enemies. Other live in social groups with ants, and some fully metamorphisized butterflies produce sounds which confuse bats feeding on insects. Through brand new film techniques, we can now bring to life a wealth of new entomological findings. Using super-macro photography we can show, for example, butterflies flying next to their winged enemies. Special optics are integrated into calyxes to show drinking butterflies from never before seen perspectives. Lastly, large-scale "feature film morphing" are employed to show the different stages of development from butterfly egg to finished butterfly in one continuous motion. These are images of the "Messengers of the Gods" which, until now, have never been seen by the human eye.