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Fox and the City

  • UHD

Foxes are true survivors, at home in all regions of the Earth. Nowadays, the smart animals also feel at home in our cities.  As an example, a close-knit clan has been living in Berlin’s government district for many years.

High up in the North on the German coast, a vixen raises her litter alone. Rarely is there enough to feed everyone. Like after a storm, for example, when the vixen finds a lot to eat in the drift line on the beach. The little ones have to grow up fast, as once the autumn arrives, their single parent mother’s reserves are exhausted and she drives them out of her territory.

For more than two years, filmmakers Roland Gockel and Rosie Koch kept track of the foxes in Berlin, Hamburg and on the North German coast. With the help of hidden cameras, they were able to unearth many secrets of the clever animals.