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Flying with Condors

The condor, king of the Andes, has a wingspan of up to 4 meters, making it the biggest bird in the world that can actually take to the air. It lives in unspoilt mountain regions, far from human habitation, and in the mythology of the region it symbolises the superiority of the spirit and the hope of enlightenment. The condor is a master of flight, soaring majestically in vast circles high above the snow-covered Andes, 5000 metres above sea level. And now an English woman called Judy Leden, female world champion in hang gliding and paragliding, has embarked on a fascinating yet highly dangerous undertaking. She intends to climb into the air alongside the gigantic birds and gather information about their realm; to this day little is known about the life of the condor. Unique about this film is the close observation of this largely unknown bird. The viewer obtains unique insights into the social lives of the impressive condors. Judy Leden and her family embark on an adventurous voyage of discovery to the Argentinean Andes. Her plan is to join the king of the Andes, high above the rocky, snow-covered landscape of Patagonia, to explore the terrain and achieve a new understanding of the birds themselves. This is the first air-to-air footage of condors ever obtained anywhere in the world. So far, the life of a young condor, from their hatching through the eight-months breeding process to their majestic flight, has never been recorded on film anywhere in the world - and now, for the first time, it will be presented from their own, "bird's eye" view. This documentary combines adventure with a unique wildlife film in which the viewer can experience at first hand the fantastic feeling of being - literally - as free as a bird.