Dalli Dalli

screenable online: 2 episodes

Dalli Dalli – that means you’re playing against the clock ! It takes serious spontaneity and creativity to solve tricky problems in quick-fire guessing rounds. This timeless quiz show brings teams of two celebrities together in competitions full of laughter and suspense to be judged by a jury of three, plus extra points when the host asks the
enthusiastic audience “Do you think that was ...GREAT ?” with his signature leap.

In this show, there are several funny action gameslike the legendary puzzle of pictures “Dalli click” and the duel of questions on the “Dalli musical scale.”

In “Dalli click”, a picture which is not visible in the beginning is uncovered step by step. In “Dalli musical scale”, candidates sit in the hot seat and have to answer questions regarding general knowledge. There have been 500 episodes of Dalli Dalli so far.