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You Can’t Fool Me!

Sound, sight, touch, smell, taste — It’s the believe-it-or-not game show where the star is nature itself and the tricks it loves to play on us. The objective is to fool prominent guests into believing their senses when, in fact, their senses are pulling the wool over their eyes!

You Can’t Fool Me! think the celebrities, just as their senses are going haywire. Is it hard to trick one’s senses? With a variety of exciting  experiments and challenges, the candidates — and the viewers — have fun being led down the garden path without knowing it! 

We’re fooled by illusions every day. And over the years, the show’s host has gathered lots of experience and knows just how optical illusions, acoustic tricks and inexplicable smells work. Whoever is the most  trick-resistant of the candidates by the end of the show can proudly proclaim You Can’t Fool Me!