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Wanna Bet?

screenable online: 2 episodes

Showcasing top international stars, Wanna Bet? is a bubbly mix of talk, game and variety elements held together by a charismatic host who serves as master-of-ceremonies, cheerleader, umpire... The actual game show format is simple: individuals or groups of people claim that they can perform a difficult task, such as a stunt, a memory feat, or any other trick.

Each of the proposals is “adopted” by one of the guest celebrities, who bets that the contestants can or cannot carry off the proposed trick. It is then performed live on the spot. Nothing is pre-recorded or edited. If the celebrities lose their bet, they must complete a task of their own, most often an entertaining charitable gesture. Airing since 1981, Wanna Bet? is the absolute top entertainment show in the German speaking territories and a hit around the world.