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Everything is changing between the sexes: love and sex are becoming virtual, the women's and gender movement is fighting against patriarchy, young people want to get out of the binary man-woman worldview, define themselves as fluid, bi-, pan-, demi-gender. Work, money and power are being redistributed, new family models are being lived, children are being raised in a "gender-neutral" way. Traditions are eroding, boundaries are blurring. There are endless voices and perspectives, everyone wants to be right, there is constant arguing. It's time to talk, to ask and, above all, to listen.

Naked searches for truths, bare facts, honest answers. The authors have gone on a quest around the world: What does it mean to be born a girl or a boy, to live as a man or a woman, or even to be non-binary? How does our gender determine our lives? What is changing about that, and why?

Over a hundred interviews were conducted with old and young, with families and singles. A wide variety of people open their doors and hearts and talk about what it's like to live as a man, a woman, a trans* person or non-binary.

Renowned researchers from economics and psychology, neuroscience and ethics, philosophy and sociology, medicine and computer science explain how we view gender glasses has shaped human history, and what is known about gender today.

To do so, Naked traveled around the world, from Canada to Mexico, from Sweden to Spain, from Israel to Rwanda, and from India to Japan.