Mega Building Collection

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What drives scientists, inventors, and engineers to push the limits of what is possible ? These innovators continually strive to design and develop technology, machines, and buildings that help us defy the challenges of space and time.

In five new episodes of this captivating collection, we discover incredible buildings, vehicles, and projects and provide viewers with fascinating insights into ground-breaking achievements in technology and engineering. Each episode focuses on a specifi c technical achievement. Come with us on a journey across the Pont de Normandie, the largest cable-stayed bridge in Europe, across the vast tidal power station on the northern coast of Brittany, France, until we reach supersonic speed with the high-tech fighter aircraft, Dassault Rafale. Finally, dive silently with us into the ocean depths in the newest nuclear-powered submarine of the Barracuda class.

Megabridges - Spanning the Void
Supertrains - The Race for Speed
Incredible Canals

New Episodes:
Record-Breaking Highways
Record-Breaking Bridges
Record-Breaking Fighter Jets
Record-Breaking Submarines
Record-Breaking Dams