A Day in the Life of Earth

screenable online: 3 episodes

  • UHD

If you think the Earth takes millions of years to change, it’s time to think again! This film reveals how much our planet can change in just 24 hours. A new era of science allows us to watch as the Earth moves, breathes, shrinks and grows right under our noses.

The story is driven by scientists, explorers and everyday people whose experiences link up with cutting-edge data, newly launched satellites and blue chip CGI to show us the true personality of the Earth … more dynamic than it’s ever been seen before. Every minute new land is born, every hour tonnes of rock arrive from space, before you go to sleep a cloud of dust from the Sahara will have fertilized the Amazon, and while all that was happening, the North Pole moved nearly 150 meters. Every day you’re waking up on a completely different planet.