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What drives scientists, inventors, and engi- neers to push the limits of what is possi- ble ? These innovators continually strive to design and develop technology, machines, and buildings that help us defy the chal- lenges of space and time.

In new episodes of this captivating collec- tion, we discover incredible buildings, vehi- cles, and projects and provide viewers with fascinating insights into ground-breaking achievements in technology and engineering. Each episode focuses on a specifi c tech- nical achievement. Come with us on a journey across the Pont de Normandie, the largest cable-stayed bridge in Europe, across the vast tidal power station on the northern coast of Brittany, France, until we reach supersonic speed with the high- tech fi ghter aircraft, Dassault Rafale. Finally, dive silently with us into the ocean depths in the newest nuclear-powered submarine of the Barracuda class.

5 new episodes available: Roads, Sub- marines, Warplanes, Dams II, Bridges II