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Dracula - The True Story of Vampires

  • 3D

This stunning documentary reveals how the vampire myth came into the world and explains when the first “vampire epidemic” broke out solving the questions of where Irish novelist Bram Stoker took the ideas for the main character of his most famous novel from and why Dracula has since conquered the world. The story goes back to small villages of Transylvania and the steppe lands in Walachia, where the myth is still alive today, as well as to Ireland’s green meadows. This exciting journey will not only make your blood run cold, but also presents new facts that have been relatively unknown to date following the mysteries of vampires to their very beginnings. Where did vampires leave their indelible marks? How did their character change in the course of the last centuries? Travelling through time and space, none other than Count Dracula joins this thrilling search for traces and for the truth.