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Aurélie is a successful restaurant owner and lucky in love … until her boyfriend leaves her. By chance – or by fate – she comes across a novel that seems to tell the story of her restaurant and her life. So perfect is the portrait the author has sketched of her, so full of warmth, that Aurélie is convinced he is in love with her. While trying to find the novel’s British author, she calls for the help of publisher André, unaware that he is the real author. André, who had invented the British author in an attempt to publicize his own work while staying incognito, must keep
his literary career under wraps, especially in order not to be fired for his deceit. By now, however, Aurélie is starting to fall in love with André, despite her determination to find the man who knows her so well … A charming love story about Paris in the fall based on the bestseller by Nicolas Barreau.