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Miriam and Tom have only known each other for six months when he suddenly presents her with a ring. Miriam misinterprets this romantic gesture as a proposal for marriage. Before Tom knows it, he’s standing next to Miriam at the altar and they’re both saying “I do“.

This, however, is just the beginning of a series of rollercoaster events: in a fit of nostalgia, Iris and Richard – Tom’s parents – offer to pay for the honeymoon... with the condition that they can come along too. Miriam and Tom are completely taken by surprise and can’t find a way of refusing the proposal. Instead, the four of them end up driving to Tuscany in two cars on the spur of the moment. Iris and Richard are already eager and happy to show the young couple their secret honeymoon spots from back in the day. Even the hotel where Tom was conceived is on the itinerary...