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The Glassblower

An inspiring period drama set at the dawn of the 1900s, “The Glassblower” is an atmospheric tale of emancipation and love told against the background of the foreboding Thuringian Forest. As women, the two sisters Johanna and Marie are barred from continuing their father’s glassblowing trade upon his untimely death. Sustaining their hopes of following in his footsteps, at first they go their separate ways in order to learn their craft and put food on the table, but each encounters the brutality of an industry and society dominated by men. Taking charge of their own destinies, they ultimately seek and achieve emancipation and the right to resurrect their father’s workshop. Like mulled wine at a Christmas market, this is a bitter-sweet, warming story. The film is beautifully shot, sensitively directed and illuminated by truly memorable performances.