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Dina Foxx is overjoyed to see her brother Aaron again after a long absence. But Aaron soon collapses and is taken to the hospital. Party drugs? Dina feels there's something else. When Aaron's friend Ecki dies of the same symptoms, Dina is alarmed and wants to know the truth. Together with her friends, she uncovers a war being waged between the food corporation Panderoche and the bio- activist group "Foodbreakers."The leader of the Foodbreakers, Falk Peters, wants to prevent the market introduction  of a genetically manipulated, allegedly cancer-preventing tomato. He has a powerful enemy in Panderoche boss Larissa Sänger. Dina has a horrifying  suspicion. Are the tomatoes that will be in all supermarkets tomorrow the cause of the illness? Is there a threat of an epidemic? Dina Foxx sets out on a dangerous search for the truth.