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35-year-old Helen Liebermann (Petra Schmidt-Schaller) is being investigated for involuntary manslaughter after a car accident. Neither her work nor her husband Dirk (Torben Liebrecht) can give her back the strength and confidence that she had in her life until this moment. After a few days, the investigation is closed, without any results. Helen is not charged, but it remains unclear as to how the accident came about. The shady circumstances of the accident continue to haunt Helen. What was the victim Moritz doing in the middle of the night in the cold, six miles from the next town, without a jacket, barefoot and in the middle of the road? While Helen becomes more withdrawn in her relationship with Dirk, she finds trust and help in her lawyer Wagner (Rainer Bock), who seems to have suffered a similar fate. Together, they reconstruct the fateful night and are confronted with a shocking truth.