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Men are wired one way, women another

Alice Tanner, head analyst of a rating agency, has just about made it to the top of her firm in Frankfurt. Until fate plays her a dirty trick: her rival Michael von Marck is given a coveted directorial post. He is entrusted with working out a second expertise for the Solarisopt company. Alice was responsible for this firm up to now, but one of the chairmen of the company suddenly had doubts about Alice’s power of judgment. It’s become known that she had a one-night stand with a married client...

Alice finds support from her bowling-club friend and her stepsister. They plan to secretly install a microphone in the men’s bathroom of the rating agency so that the women are kept abreast of the developments of their male rivals. Alice’s stepsister also gets herself hired incognito by the firm as a secretary, so as to keep an eye on what the men are up to.
Alice, however, is opposed to using such means. But when it becomes clear to her that in this rat race of the sexes the interpersonal values – which she does not want to give up – are lost, she has to decide what she really wants: to make it to the top or to be faithful to herself.