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The Lichtenbergs – two brothers, three women and a whole lot of trouble

The Lichtenbergs is a story of twin brothers, who could not be more different: Jochen and Christian Lichtenberg. One a politician, the other a taxi driver (both played by Axel Prahl). Over the years, and due to the very different circumstances of their lives, the brothers have grown apart, each doing his own thing, each with his own problems. Jochen, the taxi driver, is constantly broke. He gambles, is running his taxi business into the ground and gets involved with the wrong sorts of people.

Christian Lichtenberg by contrast has dedicated himself to politics and, encouraged by his father-in-law Dr Theo Zeisig, he is very successful. Although, somewhere along the way, he has lost sight of his goals and ideals. The propensity to get involved with the wrong sorts is something he has in common with his brother Jochen.

When Christian cheats on his wife and Jochen's business is near collapse, both of the brothers’ lives start to completely unravel. Christian's wife leaves him and Jochen falls in love with young social worker Chantal. Suddenly the twins realize that they are going to have to rely on each other if they are going to get their lives back on track.