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While on the hunt for a valuable Fender electric guitar, Rosemarie Roggenschaub finds herself involved in Sinti Sasha’s extended family’s life. Her prejudices will certainly be put to the test.

Rosemarie, who’s called Rose, doesn’t only lose her job, but also her still-husband Klaus. He finally wants to move his things out of Rose’s house and move in with his girlfriend. Rose seems to take the news calmly, but behind her smile lies a plan.

Without further ado, she sells Klaus’ belongings to the Sinti gardener Sasha Mandel for peanuts. Her official version is: she was burgled. Klaus is distraught. One of the stolen items was his supposedly valuable Fender electric guitar, with which he was planning to pay for his new apartment.

When he decides to hire a detective, Rose beats him to it and starts searching for the expensive item herself, which, in the meantime, has been sold on. She determinedly parks herself at the extended Mandel family’s home. The family has been living in a Hamburg suburb since the storm surge in 1962. She learns about their family values, where the elderly are shown the utmost respect, children are the greatest joy in life and where education isn’t the only key to success. Rose’s prejudices begin to crumble while she searches for the guitar.