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No sooner had Dr. Martin Gruber finally made up his mind to stay in Ellmau and turn his back on the turbulent life of New York, his girlfriend Julia Denson suddenly appears here. She brings Martin some great news: his application for a job with a respected clinic in Los Angeles has been accepted. Martin is delighted - but not for long, because after all he is now also responsible for Lilli, his daughter. Julia comes to realise that Martin fully intends to remain in Ellmau in order to take care of Lilli. But Julia isn't prepared to give up so quickly, so she tries to persuade Lilli that they should all move to the United States. Actually, Martin would prefer Julia to stay in Ellmau with him and Lilli. But Julia is a career woman, and she simply can't imagine a future for herself in this remote mountain region. In fact, there are considerable obstacles facing Martin as he attempts to make a new start in Ellmau. He doesn't have enough patients, and the banks prove to be uncooperative. Now a legendary mountaineer who lives in the region comes down with a mysterious illness, and when Julia and Martin manage to cure him by working together, it brings them closer than they have been for a long time. And Lilli shows signs that she would be prepared to move to the United States with her father - so perhaps this is what they should do?