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Ever since Inspector Oliver Kottke began working for the police, he has taken a day off on every Friday the 13th. As for why he does this, he is determined to keep that a secret – however hard his colleagues try to get him to reveal his motives. But this Friday the 13th, Inspector Kottke is out of luck! His boss, police station manager Pia Andresen, says he can’t have the day off! A huge number of suspicious plants are found in a lorry, and Kalle discovers some little brown balls near the car park – chewable drugs. Although Olli is still annoyed about his day off being cancelled, he realises that there is only one chance to trace the drug dealers: he pretends to be a courier and gets himself and Kalle into a dangerous situation on Friday the 13th. Meanwhile, Kostas is planning to offer sightseeing tours to Flensburg’s most spectacular crime scenes in a converted police car, but the police refuse to support his idea in any way.