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After a heart attack, the patient Heiner is not able to recognize his own wife. He is pretty sure that she is a doppelganger. Marlene, his wife, is completely desperate and is afraid of losing her husband. Surprisingly, Heiner recognizes his son immediately, but his wife still is unknown to him. Betty and Dr. Behring try to solve the miracle. Furthermore, they compete on proving if doctors or nurses have the better competencies. Helena is displeased that they spend so much time together. Lizzy cares for the young actress, Anne, who has a broken foot. When she is about to be released from the hospital, she suddenly loses her voice. Betty realizes that without her spinal cord donation, her father will die. Talula has to generate her first duty roster which is not as easy as she thought. Furthermore, she is permanently disturbed by Lewandowski. Is he falling in love with her?