Tuula and Upi both get their own chance to break out of the world of crime, but the children pull them back in, deeper than ever.

Two year later, Tuula and Upi are separated and Tuula has left the league. She runs a racing horse stable together with Nalle. Tuula meets an interesting new man, charismatic boat builder, Leo.  In reality, Leo is an undercover police investigating Tuula and the league. Tuula and Leo fall in love.

Upi is in jail, and Tume and K-P are leading the league for him. They fight for the top place but also for the love of Meri. The league uses racing drones to smuggle designer drugs from Russia, but they hit a jackpot when they steal a container full of amphetamine raw material. The container belongs to competing Helsinki gang lead by Tikkakoski and Ivanov, and their big shot Albanian associates. Consequently, the cruelest of Albanian mafia leaders, Rajan, is now also interested in Tuula and Upi.

The son Luke is kidnapped. Upi runs from prison, and Tuula has to make the ultimate choice between Leo and Upi in order to get her son back.