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Siska has requested a transfer from the city of Mühlheim to Munich. There are personal reasons behind this desire for a change of scene: Peter Siska was a witness when his wife was the victim of a vicious crime. A traumatic experience which has haunted him ever since. In the hope of gaining some distance from this terrible incident, he now takes charge of the Homicide Division in Munich Police Headquarters. He is assisted here by two extremely able colleagues, Lorenz Wiegand and Jacob Hahne. It is perhaps good for Chief Inspector Siska’s state of mind that he is thrust straight into a tricky case. A gang of young car thieves have started practising their trade on a highway: they drug the drivers of luxury limousines at a rest stop, steal their keys and then drive off with the valuable vehicles. When one courageous businessman witnesses such an attack he sets off in pursuit of the robbers. But his courage ends up costing him his life. And it proves to be a difficult task for Chief Inspector Siska to track down the dangerous gang of car thieves.