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Sebastian Bergman (Rolf Lassgard) works at the criminal law office together with his collegues and his daughter Vanja. Vanja doesn’t know Sebastian is her father.

Three girls are found dead in a mine in Ludvika. Sebastian Bergman becomes curious to find out what really happened to the girls, especially when he sees an opportunity to put an old enemy, Hakan- Persson Riddarstolpe, on his place. It turns out the girls were murdered and the criminal law office takes on the case. Sebastian, who has taken on the case in order to be close to his daughter, finds out that she might get chosen to participate in a training camp for the FBI in the states and therefore would leave the team for a long time. In a desperate attempt he asks his enemy, Hakan- Persson Riddarstolpe, to make sure she fails the test. At the same time the case with the three girls creeps closer to a personal level for Sebastian. He meets a person who becomes very close to him, while his daughter is slipping further away.