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A woman has just used a cell phone for an emergency call to Police Precinct 21. She reports that her baby has been stolen from her car. She is in panic and disoriented. Mattes and Claudia later find the woman in the Hirschpark, where she is desperately searching for her son. Dr. Haase takes her to the Elbe Hospital, where she is treated with strong sedatives that make it impossible to question her.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to contact her husband, the police head to the couple’s villa. There they are amazed at the chaos they find, and discover traces of blood in the bathroom and the child’s room. Did the woman harm her own child? She does seem mentally seriously troubled. Mattes tries to establish contact with the unstable woman and ultimately succeeds with an unusual tactic. When the woman’s husband is found and taken to the hospital to see her, the case takes on an unexpected turn...