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The Sparkle in your Eyes

While dealing with their divorce, criminal psychologist Vince Flemming, who was just about to leave the police force, and his boss Ann Gittel are confronted with a case of child abduction. Irm Fokken (35), a call-center agent, has left her son unattended on a playground while doing the groceries. When she wants to pick up her son, Kay is nowhere to be found. Witnesses claim to have seen him getting willingly into a car, which then disappeared. Apparently, he must have known the driver. As Irm Fokken is a single mom, the first suspect in this case of child abduction is Kay’s father. However, Irm Fokken claims that Florian Reissberg has never shown interest in his son or taken care of him. Vince Flemming finds out that Irm Fokken and her son were involved in a rear-end collision a few weeks ago, in which they were confronted with Florian Reissberg, who, until then, had not been aware of his son’s existence. Without the mother’s knowledge, Florian Reissberg started meeting his son after school. During the time of the offense, he supposedly was on his way to Amsterdam; however, his alibi does not prove watertight and various suspicious facts point in his direction. For Vince Flemming, Ann Gittel and their team a race against time starts, since the boy’s chances for survival supposedly shrink dramatically within the first 24 hours.