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In this episode Vera Lanz investigates a bank robbery with a dead bank robber. Soon questions emerge regarding the course of the crime, as the stolen amount of money seems too small. Vera is annoyed that her opponent head prosecutor Dr. Seitz gets deeply involved in the investigations. Then Vera is notified that Seitz’s wife was murdered. Seitz becomes the main suspect and Vera has to investigate the case and possibly prove his innocence. During the investigation, Seitz’s ex-girlfriend Ulrike Laske states that she left him over his inclination to aggression. Though Vera is pleased to have something against her opponent in her hands, she truly beliefs that Seitz didn’t kill his wife Maike. Soon, indications show that there is a connection between both cases. It seems that Seitz knew that the bank robbery was used for money laundering. However, Vera Lanz and her team don’t have enough evidence… yet.