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Vera Lanz and her team have every reason to celebrate: in a spectacular attempt on their own they finally caught Ingo Blume, head of the South-West drug cartel. Unfortunately, the next mission disturbs the victory celebration: musician Theo Gottlieb was found murdered with a pitchfork on his farm. Vera is convinced that Marcus Schüttler, former boyfriend of Gottlieb’s girlfriend, is the murderer. As the investigations proceed, more suspects are found: Christoph Gottlieb, the victim’s brother. He had to wait for his brother’s death before he could sell the farm in order to finance a new architecture office. Gottlieb’s girlfriend also had a solid motive: her 15 year old daughter Alexandra claims that she had a sexual relationship with the deceased. All the sudden and on top of this investigation, Vera is being investigated by her own office and the head of the internal affairs department for Blume’s arrest.