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One rainy evening in Wiesbaden, the attractive Susanne goes jogging in Wiesbaden's town park. A short while later, a passer-by finds her dead body with a chrysanthemum laid out upon it. Inspector Winnie Heller and her partner Hendrik Verhoeven suspect Susanne's husband at first, but Winnie soon realizes that they're on a wild goose chase: forensics finds a long blond woman's hair of Asian origin on the victim. Susanne's husband is released when a second murder shatters Wiesbaden. The sole connection between the two victims seems to be their membership in the same fitness studio. The manager, Maria Siems, is visibly nervous, but claims that she hardly knew the women. She herself is being stalked and is getting no help from the police, even though she feels constantly observed and threatened. Winnie finds out that the man suspected by Maria died years ago. What does this all add up to?