With Maddy en route to Canada and uncontactable, Rhydian faces an uncertain future. Friendships are tested as he, Shannon, Tom and Jana work out who they want to be and where they fit in. The prospect of life after school creates new challenges and brings new jeopardy, with lessons to learn about trust, leadership and responsibility. Rhydian’s father returns, offering the chance to make amends, but also new danger from the corporation he is running from; Shannon’s career plans drive a wedge between her and her friends; Tom discovers the price to pay for popularity can be high; and Jana’s dreams are dealt a crushing blow when she’s betrayed by those she trusted. Exams loom for all of them, but their teacher grows suspicious about what their priorities are – with dramatic repercussions. New allies are not what they seem, old foes make their presence felt and ambition clashes with loyalty. In the midst of this, Rhydian must pull his pack together if he is to defeat a foe who aims to wipe out all Wolfbloods.