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The Tree of Trees

Its top resembles a cathedral vault; it has been revered as the symbol of fortitude, wisdom, perseverance, and power of resistance. Its life cycle comprises almost 10 human life spans and provides space for more than 500 different species of animals and plants. It is the tree of trees: the oak tree.

In an entertaining and informative manner, the film shows the manifold aspects and qualities of this tree which forms a universe of its own. Exemplarily, the life cycle of the oak tree of more than 500 years is documented with one tree over the period of four seasons - its struggle for survival in storm and snow as well as the animal and plant life surrounding it - focusing on the various aspects of the oak tree: biological, cultural, historical and mythological ones.

Wildlife takes are combined with special shots of animals in human care. Staged sequences provide a view of the past. Documentary elements about the use of the oak tree in wood processing, in bark tanneries, or in the search of truffles are combined with information from current research. The longevity of the oak tree permits scientists to draw conclusions on the basis of the annual rings about climate changes and environmental influences. Also, cultivation and tending of the oak-tree stand in our time are depicted. Atmospheric nature takes in the rhythm of the seasons round off this film. The combination of high-grade nature images with fabulous myths and documentary research adventures is new and unique in this way.