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Often seen as the ‘King of Europe’s forests,’ the legendary Red Deer has been portrayed as a hormone-crazed, roaring stag, fighting for females in the autumn. What it does for the rest of the year is mostly overlooked.

At the end of the mating season, the stags are literally worn out and need the rest of the year to gradually rebuild their physical reserves. In the following months, they roam in bachelor herds, completely focused on nothing but food. Their mates and offspring are of no interest. The ewes also start out in herds. At the end of May, new calves are born in secret. Then the females lead them to hidden playgrounds and protect them from dangers. It takes at least five years before a young stag gets the chance to become a top dog — a time filled with exciting encounters and relaxed moments.

Hidden cameras show rare pictures of their births, film them dancing and prove that, even in death, the so called ‘King of the forest’ can hardly be defeated.