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The Kalahari is a dry and barren desert that nevertheless offers a surprising diversity of species. One of the fascinating creatures that live here is the Ground pangolin. It resembles a cute dinosaur and is the only mammal that wears horn scales.

The meerkat watches its surroundings carefully and is always on the lookout for enemies. Together with its colony, it goes foraging and digs through the ground in search of treats.

In the north-east of Namibia lie the great rivers. Here, a matriarch leads a herd of elephants. Elephant societies are very complex: mothers with their children, sisters and aunts with their own offspring. They all form a close-knit family herd.

From the dry savannahs to the vast riverine landscapes: Namibia is the land of a thousand faces, wonders and stories. It is a world of little heroes and great hunters.