Little Oceans: From the North to the Baltic Sea

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With distinct ecological systems, the North and the Baltic Seas are very different from the other oceans of the world. First formed at the end of the ice age on shallow land, these little oceans later bore witness to dramatic historical events. And, despite their small size, they are teeming with marine life.

Between the shores of Scandinavia, Great Britain, the Baltic states, and Germany, we find basking sharks, Greenland sharks, killer whales, sperm whales, schools of cuttlefish and giant squid, and a whole range of other sea creatures, big and small.

In this captivating series, we go to the most extreme and dangerous depths of the oceans to discover the unknown habits of familiar animals, and meet creatures that we have never seen before. These two little oceans – sadly overlooked by many blue-chip wildlife films – are revealed to be just as fascinating as the vast oceans of the Pacific and Atlantic.