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The Rage of Hurricane (Episode 1)

Part 1 of the international co-production, In the Eye of the Storm, deals with hurricanes that are born in Africa, move across the Caribbean towards the American mainland, leaving a path of destruction, until they reach Europe. ZDF authors Marvin Entholt and Jens Monath follow the trail of Frances, one of the most powerful hurricanes ever, as it makes its way. Not only do they accompany storm chaser Jim Edds tracking Frances and capturing spectacular images – they also portray in a highly personal way the impact it has on the Rich family in a small Florida town as they try everything in their power to save their home.

At the same time, another ZDF crew observes the thrill of pilots and scientists as they try to fly a special aircraft, with great professional skill, right into the eye of the hurricane while maintaining contact with the Miami Hurricane Center on the ground. At some point, up to four camera crews were shooting independently at various locations to capture the full range of activities.