Magic of the Moon

The moon — since humans have existed on Earth, it has been our nocturnal companion. It still fascinates us more than any other celestial body. Its attraction has inspired artists to create masterpieces and pushed science so far that we left our planet for the first time. The century old vision of men on the moon became reality — in 1969, two Apollo astronauts entered our next cosmic neighbor. 50 years after the first rendezvous with Mrs. Luna, humans want to go back. And this time, we come to stay. It’s about time to get to know our nearest neighbor and solve some of its riddles.

In three cinematic essays, we dedicate ourselves to the magic of the moon, tell stories of this long relationship between man and moon, a love story that can still come up with surprising twists today.

1. Child of the earth
2. Goddess of the night
3. The 8th continent