The Truth About Franco - Spain's Forgotten Dictatorship

Francisco Franco is regarded by many as one of the most brutal dictators in European history. Spain is marked by traces of his tyranny even today. And the Generalissimo is still wrapped in mystery. The documentary series embarks on a detective hunt into the past and examines the almost forty-year rule of General Franco.

What do we know today about the regime of Francisco Franco? Not more than a few clichés: in the civil war which began in 1936, good fought against evil — and the fascists triumphed. Their leader, in the widely held opinion of his defenders, was a “hard but clever man” who guided Spain’s destiny until his death in 1975. How much truth is there in that? Very little if we look at the research results of the last ten years. The series The Truth About Franco casts new light on “Spain’s Forgotten Dictatorship.”

1. The Rise to Power
2. The New Regime
3. Zero Hour
4. The Leaden Age
5. Franco Revisited