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Lars af Dracas- the heir to the Dracas vampire clan - overhears the Noaidi predict the future of all vampires; if the clans don’t reunite they will get extinct. Lars’ father - Baron Magnus sends out a message to the five remaining clan to join forces. The message also reaches Hamburg, where Alisa - heir to the Vamalia clan struggles with something strange that is happening to her; Not only has she got a human heart, now her hand lights up. Almost at the same time Dracula awakes, are these two connected? After a Robin flies in she decides to get out of the house for the first time, what harm can it do? Tammo is scared for her but finds out just how different his sister is when he feels her human heart for the first time. On the mystical ship the Elisabetha all the other vampire clans come to an understanding and bond their blood for the heirs to start a new era for the bloodborn vampires. Alisa gets discovered by humans and the Redmasks set out to catch her and follow her home. The Vamalias have to flee, but where to? And Alisa gets her first vision of a knot…?