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A dead girl, a moronic suspect, a lost family and a dark secret. Two police detectives and a young mother in search of the truth.

Ten-year-old Anna Kampe has gone missing from her home on a North Sea island. When her body is found in the bed of village idiot Michael Brandstetter the next day, the case seems clear. Brandstetter is arrested by local policeman Christian Ströver. Nevertheless, detectives Lubosch and Steinhilb, who've come over from the mainland, want to form their own opinion and question Anna's family about what happened: Anna's parents Sybille and Werner, her younger sister Laura and Sybille's father, Alfred Bordin. But it's not just the two policemen who soon discover inconsistencies. Sybille's sister Judith Bordin has returned to the island to be confronted with her biological daughter Laura which she'd left in Sybille's care, being unable to cope at the time.