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Pola starts her own investigation when her friend Tina disappears without a trace after going on a blind date on the Museum Island in Berlin.

Tina’s profile on a dating portal finally leads Pola to Tina’s lover Sven. At the same time, Tina’s husband Karl is sent a sex video, in which Tina and Sven can be seen. Not long after, Sven is found dead, and Tina, bound and gagged, is freed from his home.

Everything points to Karl being the culprit. After their daughter’s accidental death, the married partners become increasingly distant with each other. Tina remains silent about the fact that Karl was not looking after their little one on the day of the accident, as had been agreed, but was actually in his neighbor’s bed, but in the face of their growing marital problems, the desire to have an extramarital affair is awakened in her. So was the murder committed out of jealousy? Pola then discovers something that turns the whole case upside down.