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Elisabeth "Elli" Sänger is a superwoman who gives all she’s got to her failing stonemason business in Cologne. When her husband Georg – the firm’s creative brains – runs away to the Himalayas with his secretary, Elli collapses and wakes up with psychogenic amnesia. She can’t remember a thing anymore.

Fearing that she’ll have a relapse, her grown-up children Florian and Rieke decide not to tell her that Georg has left her. Soon, though, they find themselves with their backs to the wall. Not only does Elli want to know where her husband is, no one is running the firm either. And all of this just when a lucrative contract with Cologne Cathedral could save the company. The only solution seems to be Günther, Georg’s radically different twin brother. Florian and Rieke beg him to temporarily play the role of their father.