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Deep down, life could be really sweet. Martin Gruber’s ex-girlfriend has left the Gruber’s farm and the family wants to stick together in these financially difficult times.
Lili is excited to have finally passed her driver’s license – this is marks another step towards her becoming an adult. Plus, she’s finally decided to start an apprenticeship at Martin’s practice. This is all a lot for Hans to take in!
Not only can he forget about his plans to extend the farm since Anne has left, but now Lili has decided to take off as well, he is once again losing out to his brother. Then, as Lisbeth’s late husband’s younger brother Ludwig Gruber suddenly reappears after twenty years of absence, tensions grow stronger between the two brothers. While Martin blames his uncle for the death of his father, Hans is happy to see him. But what has Ludwig come to Ellmau for?
This mountain medic doesn’t have time for a break. His patient Maja Maiwald regularly suffers from episodes of severe coughing fits. Martin suspects these are due to an allergic reaction, but the cause remains a riddle. Her husband Carsten is worried about the love of his life. He and Maja are even having a house built, when they plan on living together. But they won’t be extending their family just yet: Since her miscarriage two years ago, Maja is having difficulties getting pregnant As Martin routinely checks Maja’s blood values, something seems suspicious: the young woman is on the birth control pill. An allergy to the pill could be causing her cough fits. Martin has to use his intuition: why is Maja hiding from her husband the fact that she does not share his desire to have a child? When Maja’s condition suddenly worsens, Martin has to rethink his entire diagnosis. It is apparently not the birth control pill that is causing her illness but rather a strong immune response. But to what? Martin’s speculations are becoming stronger and, should he be right, they could destroy Carsten and Maja’s love and future together.