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Pia and Jan are freshly in love. But they’re not the average kind of couple: both are terminally ill. One of their last wishes has led them to Ellmau.

Pia, an adventurous young woman who suffers an auto-immune disease and doesn’t have much longer to live would like to hike one last time to the top of the Felsspitz in the Kaiser Mountains which have fascinated her since she was a child.

She and her boyfriend Jan, who suffers a deadly brain tumour, want to spend the little time they have left together and travel the world before they die. But Pia has a panic attack while on their hike and Jan’s headaches are worsening. Mountain Medic Martin Gruber has him undergo more tests and is astonished by the results: Jan’s tumour has detached itself from its blood vessel and will begin to shrink, meaning Jan is going to get better! But that’s only if he accepts have radiation therapy soon, for which he will have to put his plans to travel to Australia with Pia on hold. How will Pia react to this news? Jan doesn’t have the heart to tell her the truth and is running out of precious time.

Kahnweiler and Vera have taken in little Jens-Torben for a test week before maybe adopting him. While Alexander is very fond of this mini version of himself and even starts developing fatherly feelings for him, Vera is certain about one thing: he must go back to his home.

Susanne has finally told Hans about a job she was offered to teach in a renowned culinary school. He is shocked at the news. Is she really going to move to Vienna with their daughter and Tim? Hans won’t allow it. He puts all his eggs in one basket and hopes this dicey attempt will bear fruit.

Martin and Anne suddenly end up on an unplanned date with one another. There still seems to be some tension between them, which Martin can’t keep on ignoring. What is going on between them? Martin asks Roman for advice. But the die is cast, and Martin and Anne will come closer to one another than they thought they would.