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It could have been a relaxing Sunday for Martin Gruber until he met Lisa Koch, who suffers from acrophobia.

While they’re riding in a cable car together, he gets to know her better and becomes attracted to her straight away. But Lisa is engaged and about to get married.

Her future husband and herself want to go on a hike in the mountains, with Hans as their guide, to help Lisa can overcome her fear of heights. But she accidentally falls and injures her leg.
Clinical examinations in the hospital indicate that the swelling in her leg is putting vital veins, nerves and muscles under pressure. Martin recommends she be operated as soon as possible, but Lisa is strongly intimidated by her mother-in-law, Elisabeth Tamm. This distinguished wealthy lady has organized the entire wedding, which will take place in a few days, and urges the young woman to schedule the operation for after the wedding.

Hans’ conscience is weighing quite heavily on him. He feels responsible for what has happened to his fiancé. And it gets worse: Ms. Tamm will claim her son for compensation, should the expensive wedding be cancelled. Lisa’s swelling is getting worse and the pain is becoming unbearable. She might even have to have her leg amputated. Martin finally convinces her to undergo the operation she desperately needs as soon as possible.

Since no ambulance is available in the middle of the skiing season, Martin drives her himself to the specialized clinic. But the road is blocked and as they take a detour, they are struck by an avalanche. They manage to free themselves out of the car, but they can’t reach anyone for help. When Lisa suddenly feels acute pain in her stomach area, Martin has no choice but to take action right on the spot, or Lisa will probably not only lose her leg, but also her life. As for Martin, he would lose a person who means a lot to him, even though these feelings for her are not what he needs at the moment.