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An upmarket golf club is broken into, but nothing is stolen apart from a few pages of a training session calendar. The police leave the crime scene without being able to get any further with the investigation and consider the case closed. The next day, club member Martin Bredow is hit by a golf ball and claims that his opponent Clemens Hartwig hit him on purpose. He presses charges on the grounds of attempted murder. Golf instructor Michelle Landinger explains, however, that it would be impossible to hit somebody from such a great distance. But Bredow remains convinced. Inspector Kottke is so taken with the golf instructor that he decides on the spur of the moment to book a beginners’ course with her, which will give him a better insight into how the golf club is run. This case turns out to be about much more than just golf. Kostas messes up big time while looking after Anne’s hot-dog stand, and at Pia Andresen’s house, Hanno is busy buying shares – but he’s only 15, so it’s against the law.