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Forestry workers find the body of Angela Schulte. The girl had been suffocated and buried according to Muslim custom. Schumann and his team suspect a religiously motivated murder.

Angie’s parents claim not to have known their daughter had converted to Islam. It was not long ago that she went out drinking with her friend Amatullah. But on Angie’s computer they find videos, in which she fanatically professes her Muslim faith.

Her friend Amatullah has also broken with her past. She has got married and, although not particularly religious, she regularly goes to the mosque with her husband. Schumann tries to find a reason for Angie’s radicalization and watches her videos over and over. She was seeking support in the rules of Islam and she devoted herself to the religion.

When she met Özden Yilmaz, she fell in love and the pair got married so that they would be able to go to Syria together and join IS. Schumann tracks down Özden’s family and discovers that Özden died a martyr in Syria, leaving behind a second wife and a child there.

Schumann knows that this news must have been very hard for Angie to take. However, instead of turning away from her faith, her video messages become ever more radical. She becomes a moral guardian and adheres to a very strict interpretation of the Koran. Her accusations are also leveled at the husband of her former best friend Amatullah, who she claims verbally abused his wife by calling her a whore.

However, both Amatullah and her husband deny the accusations. But Schumann knows that Angie would not have been able to accept any disregard of her religious ideals. Schumann is certain that her religious fervor cost her her life. But in the end, two more lives will be destroyed.