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Moritz Helmes, son of a wealthy real-estate agent, was kidnapped and found dead. Apparently Moritz’s father Christian Helmes was blackmailed during the kidnapping but luckily the boy could escape at first. The traces lead Detective Chief Superintendent Vera Lanz to the red-light district in Munich, area milieu that colleague Paul Böhmer knows very well. Böhmer’s affection is directed towards prostitute Johanna.

Johanna asks Böhmer for the favor of helping Tereza, a young prostitute that is involved in illegal activities – without notifying his team. It soon shows that Tereza was the last person to see Moritz alive. While Böhmer is dealing with a loyalty conflict, Vera tracks the kidnapper and discovers a connection between Christian Helmes and Tereza. The clues lead the team to a murder case that was covered up years ago. However when Johanna disappears and is eventually found dead by Böhmer, Vera has to solve the case and prevent Böhmer from making a big mistake.